Thank You!

We are so grateful for the overwhelming response we have received due to our beekeeping efforts. While we view beekeeping purely as a hobby, and not as a means to make profit, we are happy to have had the opportunity to share what we have created with you. We are officially sold out of Fall 2019 honey. To be notified about our next harvest sign up for our mailing list below!

Here is to a successful overwintering of the hives and a warm spring with more bee adventures to come.

David & Stephen



We Love Bees

For two years we have been learning the art of Beekeeping and sharing it all with you! Now we'd love to share what our girls (bees) have made!

Made in Dorchester

DOT is the local shorthand for Dorchester, the neighborhood of Boston where we live. Our bees collected pollen from all around the city (a 5 mile radius!) so that we could share this honey with you.

Not for Profit

We keep bees because we love it.
All proceeds from honey sales go directly back to the bees. (That said $20/60,000 workers is not a big paycheck!)