Lindsay Station Round Up #2 6/7/17

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Over the last week and a half we have made some pretty significant progress on Lindsay Station. It helped that Stephen took a week off before starting his new job so we could really get some things done before the contractors start. If you want to look back in time here is Week 1 Round Up

Dumpster Time

We never thought we would be so excited for a dumpster but let me tell you… we were thrilled. We did have an issue with the first delivery attempt. With all of the things going on we forgot to get no parking signs and there was a car blocking the back yard. On the bright side we met a bunch of neighbors while knocking on doors in search of the owner.

We considered hiring a couple laborers to help get the yard done faster. There was a significant amount of trash that needed moving, more fencing to be demoed, posts to be dug up, and a tree to be cut down. It seemed worth the money to have someone else do the heavy lifting (especially given David’s right arm tendonitis that he talked about all week.) The crazy thing about us is that we have a hard time hiring most things…


nstead we had a couple of awesome friends come by to help. We finished all of the work in about 5 hours.

Our contractor Brian had the great idea of covering the dumpster with a tarp and using a 75ft dog lead to tie it down. Last thing we needed was the dumpster to be topped off with other peoples trash.


Stephen spent the week cleaning the interior. It may have been a waste given all of the work that will be happening but he was driven to get it done. Something about cleaning all of the windows and shop vacuuming 2,600 sq ft gets you really excited. I believe the word is nesting.