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Lindsay Station Round Up #3 7/8/17

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Two things we can hardly believe:

  1. We have already owned Lindsay Station for 2 months now!

  2. We have to move into Lindsay Station in less than 2 months now… Don’t get us wrong! We are sooo excited to move in, there is just a lot that needs to get done before that can happen. If you are not up to speed check out our last update.

Rough Plumbing and Electric

Brian had great guys come in to do all our rough plumbing and electric work. They had to be great in order to put up with our nit-picking of recessed can and fixture placement. The ceilings were covered in blue tape showing where everything needed to be. While about 80% of the electric was complete when we purchased the house we needed to add additional lines for lights and outlets, complete the kitchen, and add a fireplace.

Plumbing was a different story. There was no plumbing in the house. We completed the guest bath, half bath, kitchen, and all new plumbing for our forced hot water heat (we are obsessed with old radiators.) Not to mention a new main drain and three new stacks (poop shoots.) This was essentially new construction plumbing! Also new gas lines ran for our range and fireplace.

The master bathroom was plumbed rough and it will stay that way for the construction phase. We want to put more thought (and money) into this project so it will be rough for now!

Some Interior Details

After getting to know the house for a month you start getting crazy ideas. Examples include but are not limited to: framing a half wall in the bathroom, bumping up a ceiling in the attic, adding lights (everywhere), removing the servant stair, and making a Princess Peak.

Yes, a Princess Peak… We had already fallen in love with the symmetry and rooflines in the second bedroom when we decided, this could really easily be a little cathedral ceiling! Check it out:

The joists did not run all the way through the ceiling, they were simply hung. So, what did we do?

Tadah! We’re obsessed. This is going to look awesome when it is plastered and has a cool light fixture hanging from the middle!

The most exciting: PAINTING!

While all that was going on inside, we had a stellar crew working on the outside. Remember when we said we were going to be painting the outside of the house ourselves?…well…that didn’t happen. And man, I’m glad it didn’t because what would have taken us all summer took them about a week. We ended up getting a second quote and it was literally half the price of the first! Lesson learned, get a million quotes.

A little reminder of what the exterior looked like before:

Here is what it looks like now!

Up Next?!

Kitchen windows and exterior door installation, framing wrap up, electric completion, HVAC at 100% and… INSULATION

Check back in for updated as we chug right along!