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Lindsay Station Round Up #4 10/4/17

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

It's been two months (ok 3) since we have done a round up post. In the last couple (few) months we have made some pretty significant progress and we MOVED INTO OUR HOUSE. We have been doing a good job at documenting most of the work on Instagram but we will hit some of the highlights here.


The rough work was finished. Framing, electric, and plumbing were all (mostly) completed before insulation began. We had some significant issues with getting a reliable electrician and ended up moving forward with insulation before it was 100% This was nothing short of terrifying and required a lot of unnecessary work later. Lesson learned… only allow for so much slack with subcontractors. If they don’t stick to the schedule, cut them.


Insulation was fast, and amazing. The team had the entire house insulated in a matter of days. We used closed cell on all of the roof lines and batting with plastic on all of the walls. We would have preferred to use closed cell for the walls as well but given the age of the house the studs are very deep compared to new construction. The cost to spray the entire house would have been through the roof.


Plaster came almost immediately after insulation. The team was able to complete the entire house in just a few days. The finish on plaster is like glass and is amazing to touch. Also to be in the house with walls for the first time was strange. Pro-tip: spend extra time going wall by wall to notice any obstructions that may interfere with the plaster team. Their goal is to move as quickly as possible. If there is pipe sticking out… they will plaster right around it. Luckily they are pretty good at coming back for a clean up round.


Next were the floors. Also. Terrifying. You just decided what color you want all the floors to be and thats what you get. Its not like repainting a wall. We tried a few colors and custom color combinations with stains you can buy at home depot. We ended up mixing Dark Walnut and Red Oak 50/50 and we are in love with the outcome. Its dark but warm and works well with the rest of the wood paneling in the entry. Coolest part, the floor guys did a kick ass job of integrating the old and new woods.

Wait until you have to do projects on your new floor. The scariest thing in the wold is scratching them. I called the vet to see if the dogs could be declawed (that's a joke).