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One Room Challenge Week 1: The Master Suite

Updated: May 13, 2020

Today is the day! The official kick off of the One Room Challenge!

It's pretty easy to say that when we were asked to participate as Featured Designers in the One Room Challenge... we were BEYOND gobsmacked. Once we came-to we had to determine what space we wanted to tackle...

  • Should we finish up the parlor?

  • Do we do all the paneling for the Dining Room?

  • Revamp the Kitchen?

No! We decided to go with the craziest option of them all, the ENTIRE MASTER SUITE.

After all, it is a "Challenge", isn't it?!

Hello! If you’ve stumbled across our page from the ORC Site, Welcome! We’re Stephen & David, a Husband-and-husband DIY team based in Boston, MA. Over that past two years we have been renovating our ( previously abandoned ) Victorian home and sharing the process along the way! You can check out a little tour of our home here and we hope you join us as we tackle this Master Suite project!


Let's start with the current state of the "Master suite" - if you can even call it that at this point. Really, it’s our bedroom and a few storage spaces. These rooms, like all of the rooms in this house, started off as a blank slate - the floors have been finished, walls plastered and primed, but there is no trim to speak of, no color, no...nothing. If you’ve been around here long enough, you‘ll remember that when we first bought this house it was already completely gutted. Like, down to the studs gutted - and then abandoned. So the first big phase of the house was to bring it up to this state - a blank canvas for us to start to transforming room-by-room.

Originally, we wanted the first floor and guest bedrooms done before we tackled this project. However, the One Room Challenge felt like the perfect opportunity to push ourselves and finally get it done. PLUS officially adding another bathroom to the house does wonders for the real estate value of the home.


In upcoming posts, we will dive into the design of each space and get into the details of the finishes we choose, our favorite products, and the design thinking. For now - let’s look at the overall layout and design.

We love the way we laid out this space during the first phase of our home renovation - so that’s not changing. We feel it was the best way to split up what’s essentially a big rectangle into three distinct spaces, while also getting a sound bumper between the bedroom and the bathroom. The “his-and-his” closets are generous, while not being over-sized and taking away from the living space. The bathroom has its challenges (we’ll dive into those later) but the layout really spoke for itself and still allows for a nice vista as you walk in.


Finishes. As you may know we are not shy when it comes to bold colors and finishes. Our Living Room is a dark and moody green - as is our Parlor. We LOVE those spaces and the way the color makes them feel inviting and exciting. When it comes to our own bedroom design we took a lesson from the Cowboy Room. The Cowboy Room is the last room we renovated and quickly became our favorite place of refuge - the place you go to take a nap or just lay down and talk. We contribute that to its calming and soft tones, combined with the warmth of the wood furniture, and the punch of rich color from the vintage rug. In the Master Suite we are doing some of the same but taking it up a notch. We are opting for a darker warm trim, light textured walls, with a few pops of color and texture to break it up.

While we’re keeping the renderings of each space for future posts, we also used moodboards (both physical and digital) to make sure the entire suite feels like a cohesive space - rather than three.

We’ll tie the same paint palette throughout. The dark warm trim will also be adorning high paneling in the bedroom as well as wrap the bathroom. We’ll use the same wall treatment throughout but break it up with some high contrast wallpaper to define and anchor space. We’ll be mixing black and brass metal fixtures in all the spaces and make the floors pop with some vintage inspired rugs.


Now, in order to make all those pretty things come to life we need to get back to work! Did we mention we are doing the ENTIRE thing ourselves? If you’re not already following along on Instagram - come check it out! We post stories everyday with what we are working on and we love your feedback! See you there!


Check out our next post Master Bathroom Design!



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