One Room Challenge Week 3: Bedroom & Closet Design

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

You know what’s nuts? On average, we spend nearly 33 YEARS of our lifetime in bed. That’s like... a lot. So why were we planning on making the Master Bedroom the last project on our list? Pfff, who knows. But we sure are glad the One Room Challenge has given us the kick in the pants to get this project going! So we can, you know, enjoy the room we spend most of our lives in? Let’s get into how we’ve come to this bedroom and closet design for ourselves.

Hello! If you’ve stumbled across our page from the ORC Site, Welcome! We’re Stephen & David, a Husband-and-husband DIY team based in Boston, MA. Over that past three years we have been renovating our ( previously abandoned ) Victorian home and sharing the process along the way! You can check out a little tour of our home here and we hope you join us as we tackle this Master Suite project!


We LOVE the way the Master Bedroom and its adjoining closets are laid out. The bedroom is wrapped with three large, southwest facing windows that keep daylight to a minimum in the morning and keep the room bright for the rest of the day. All three windows face you as you walk into the room and they are just begging to become a focal point. We plan to give them some extra fancy treatment - the level of extra they deserve. The bed sits on the opposing wall, the longest wall, which makes sense in terms of layout and will need some visual “weight” to balance out the grandeur of the windows. We’ll get to that below. To the right of the windows is the entrance to the closets, and further, the bath. We covered the Bath design in last week's post and will cover the closets in a future post.