• Stephen & David

Our Kitchen Design!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

One of the things we are most excited about in the renovation of our current home is that we are designing for us. Our last home was always going to be a “flip” so we designed it that way. We made sure everything was nice, clean, high-end, and functional but not everything was designed to our taste. We called it “Pottery Barn Design”.

This house is going to be different.

We are designing Lindsay Station for us and we couldn’t be more excited! In this post, we are going to be focusing on our Kitchen… how we designed it, visualized it, and what products we chose.

Let’s review what we are starting with:

The “kitchen” as it exists is in the rear of the house, is relatively narrow, and has two windows that we spent hours trying to make work. When we can, we liked to design kitchens with the sink under two windows as it creates a beautiful focal point and gives you something to look at while doing dishes. Due to the placement of the windows, and the fact that we would be looking at the side of a house, we have decided to close-in the two windows. Instead we will install two new windows next to the exterior door looking into the back yard. This leaves us with a blank canvas for the galley kitchen of our dreams.


We decided to put the sink in the island, centered on the opening to the living room. This way you can still be part of the activity in the living room and look through to the big bay window beyond. Also, that faucet is going to look sexy AF on that waterfall counter. The island will also be home to the dishwasher (always next to the sink), the pullout trash drawer (other side of the sink) and a spot for two boys to have dinner with each other.

The main wall of the kitchen has a semi-symmetrical design with large built-ins on either side that house the in-wall microwave and refrigerator respectively. A soffit of linear cabinetry crowns a set of upper cabinets with a built-in hood. Below are the slide in stove and a row of lower cabinet drawers.

Let’s Talk Materiality

If we were designing for resale we would be designing a semi-traditional sensible kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. For us? We want to go more contemporary. Not a traditionalist myself, I was surprised when I had trouble going contemporary. However, I got over it when I started looking at Pinspiration images and putting together a rendering to visualize how it might look.

We totally fell in love with the juxtaposition (overused architecture word) in combining dark cabinets with natural wood cabinets. Put that against a white countertop, throw in some brass hardware, OOPH that’s the good stuff.

After working with some Interior Design friends, our cabinet door builder, and taping samples up in our kitchen we came up with this palette:

Our Products So Far

  • Cabinet boxes: We are kind of obsessed with designing IKEA kitchens ourselves. The modularity combined with their online planning tool make it super easy to design a kitchen on your own AND get pricing for it. Additionally, IKEA uses Blum for their hinges and hardware, a company that many higher-end cabinetry companies use as well. Where we find ourselves limited with IKEA is their selection of cabinet doors/faces/panels. They did not have a the option we wanted, nor do they feel super high quality.

  • Cabinet Doors: Luckily there a bunch of companies out there that have the same feeling we had about IKEAs doors. Companies likes like Semihandmade are making “custom” cabinet doors and panels specifically built for the IKEA kitchen systems. This totally widens the range of finishes you can use in your kitchen while sticking to the modularity of an IKEA kitchen. After looking through a few companies and getting samples, we have decided to go with a smaller cabinet builder that seems to have great samples, craftsmanship, and has been really great to work with! Most important, they can custom paint the dark doors and run the walnut veneer grain along the entire row of cabinets (total designer nerd-out!)

  • Appliances: We 100% picked these appliances based on aesthetics alone. We love the flat-faced design and “masculine” pulls. Luckily, ratings and reports show that they are also decent and trustworthy appliances. They also offer a “black stainless steel” options that we are really intrigued by but have yet to decide on.

  • Tiles, Pulls, Accents; We want to contrast and soften the dark cabinets with brass hardware and a white porcelain tile backsplash. Brass fixtures of the island and match walnut stools will tie the look together. Products TBD

So last but not least, here is our rendering!

It wasn’t until I threw this bad boy together that I was convinced that this all might just work! We couldn’t be more excited to put this all together. Stay tuned for updates!