• Stephen & David

What Color Will We Paint Our House?!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

While it is not a decision we wanted to make right away, its turns out we have to. We were planning to ignore the exterior for a bit while we worked on making the interior, you know, livable.  Alas, we found out that as a requirement of the 203k Loan we need to meet FHA standards and this means “no chipping paint”. Well the entire house is chipping paint…

Most of the existing shingles (with the exception of some new sections installed by the previous owner) are in really poor condition and need to be replaced. Our intention was to get through the interior renovation process then sometime in the future entirety re-shingle the house. However with all that we want (need) to get done inside, replacing the shingles now is simply not in the budget.

SO.  It looks like we will be painting the house ourselves. While we both hate to default to the cheap and “easy” solution, we need to paint over the old shingles in order to pass inspection. Which brings us to the big question:

What color(s) should we paint it!?

With the help of my favorite tool: Photoshop, I present our current options:

The house as it is today
1. Dark Gray Tri-Color
2. Navy Bi-Color
3. Dark Gray Bi-Color

So what will we pick? Stay tuned.