A husband-husband DIY team passionate about a good project. We are currently renovating our 1893 victorian home in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester.  

2017 - TODAY

The Victorian

In 2017 we were having no discussions of buying another house. But when our roommates made the decision to move to San Fransisco we knew the luxury of split costs would come to an end. We needed to find a more affordable place to live.


During the height of our search while on our way to dinner we drove past a boarded up single family home on a corner lot and said out-loud "could you imagine?!". We pulled up Zillow at the dinner table and within a week we were on track to close on our biggest project yet. 

Here is a little look at how we got here…

2011 - 2012

Park Drive, Fenway

In 2011 we moved in to our very first apartment in the Boston neighborhood of Fenway. David had just completed his Masters and Stephen was two years into an Architecture Program. We were ecstatic to finally share a place together (and with our puppy Dexter) despite the tiny kitchen, clawfoot tub, and coin operated laundry. It didn't take long until we called Fenway home.

After only one year of living in Fenway we were notified that our rent would increase by $400/month. With our already expensive rent, high student loan payments, and a single income we felt like we were putting money directly into a paper shredder. We decided that we needed to act quickly and look for something to buy.

2012 - 2015

1910 American Four Square, Walpole

Some weeks later (we tend to move quickly) we closed on a 1910 American Square in the suburban town of Walpole, MA. We lived in and restored this home for two years while commuting to Boston for work and school.

These two years formed the foundation of all of our skills and was one of best investments we have ever made financially… and in every other way you can think of.


2015 - 2017

The Safari Club, South End of Boston

In 2015 we sold our American Square and moved back to the city. Two years of intense labor made the idea of renting an easy one. We wanted to be in the city, work on our careers, and hang out with friends. Oh, we also got married!

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