The Dining Room serves as the center of our first floor and the place we gather each evening for dinner. 

The room is large and bright, the perfect contrast to our bold Living Room and Parlor


When you buy a 1894 Victorian without walls you have a real opportunity to change things up. While the original floor plan was very Victorian (too many doors to count and a very small kitchen) the previous owner already made some modifications and opened things up slightly. Besides a couple of small tweaks we largely kept things as is... but if we told you we didn't think about turning this room into a large living space we would be lying.


We of course ultimately decided to leave this room for its intended purpose, the Dining Room. 

Dining rooms are an important place for gathering and this south facing room was built for it. Aware that many dining rooms go unused for most of the year, we wanted to ensure that ours would be used daily. To accomplish this most of the modification actually took place in the kitchen. No barstools at the kitchen island, and no space to squeeze in a smaller secondary table. The dining room is where we would eat every meal.

For more on our design, check out our Design Plan Blog Post Here


In the dining room we leaned into creating architectural features. Inspired by period homes in our neighborhood, we knew we needed paneling throughout. We wanted the panelling to be tall, bright, and more intricate than anything we have created yet. We pre-assembled and installed each panel ourselves making sure they integrated seamlessly with the bay window and door casings.

Atop the paneling we used a bright patterned wallpaper called Florencecourt by Cole & Son in Charcoal.  The surface printed paper is full of color and texture. The vertical pattern draws your eye upward, lifting the ceiling in the process. 

Bright and traditional dining room with wall paneling and wallpaper

The dining room table is one of our favorite pieces of furniture. We wanted a table made of solid wood that would last a lifetime. During our search we were introduced to Room & Board and placed our first order for the Walsh Dining Table at 95x46". Tables of that width are difficult to come by but offer ample space for hosting dinner parties (when we could do such a thing.)

In addition to the paneled walls the bay window became an architectural feature of its own. We designed a window seat that would integrate with our panels while tying in the curved wall and windows. We once again contracted our friend Ken Decost to build the actual bench and cabinetry while we took care of the remaining trim details. The seat reduces the floor space of the room while making it more functional and visually appealing. 

The window seat houses two soft close drawers and a "toy box" top to access the radiator. Large slots were routed on top to allow for heat to rise. We then made our own window seat cushion using upholstery methods and fabric by Luna Textiles.

A couple of years ago we purchased six upholstered mid-century chairs from the famous Brimfield Antique & Collectable Show. The chairs were our inspiration while selecting the rest of the furniture in the room. As previously mentioned, we then ordered the dining room table. Room & Board knows we are a big fan of their furniture and provided the matching Soren end chairs along with the Kinley Storage Cabinet. Thank you Room & Board for helping to make this project a success! Also, when adding the final touches we swung by the Boston R&B location and picked up these amazing pillows.

Bright and traBright and traditional dining room with wall paneling and wallpaperdtional dining room with wall paneling and wallpaper

We have found that the hardware makes all the difference in a finished space. This is especially true in period homes where the correct hardware choices make a design so much more authentic. We have repeatedly used Signature Hardware (all the way back to our very first home) when starting our search for any piece. For this project we partnered with Ferguson who supplied these BEAUTIFUL Signature Hardware radiator registers. They are heavy and add contrast to the white window seat. More important they are fully functional and allow for airflow to our radiator.  

Bright and traditional dining room with wall paneling and wallpaper

Thank you!

We greatly appreciate all of your encouragement throughout this project. It took us longer than we anticipated and without your support it would have taken that much longer. 


Paint //



Lighting // 



Furniture //

  • Our other dining chairs are vintage - Sorry!

    • Designed by Arne Hovmand Olsen, Denmark circa the 1950s. Refinished and sold by @south_ave_treasures  


Window Treatments //

  • Venetta

    • Up/Down Blinds, light filtering, cordless with the clear view add-on. ​

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