THE 2020 SPRINT : Dining Room Edition

Updated: Feb 5


Last year we made a promise that we would not have another Christmas Tree without trim on the windows. So, like the good promise keepers we are, we started to renovate the Parlor in the beginning of 2020. Then the One Room Challenge (and Covid) happened. Needless to say, the first floor projects were derailed but we are SO READY to get them back on track.


If you’ve been following on the 'gram you’ll know that we have been hard at work on our Parlor. We’ve finally reached the point where all the woodwork and painting is Done! Just in time to start that process all over again in the Dining Room!

As you may know, BOTH of these rooms are part of our (self imposed) “2020 SPRINT” An effort to wrap up our first floor renovations by the end of this year.

You can read all about The SPRINT and our Parlor Design plan (and renderings!) in our last post here.