THE 2020 SPRINT : Parlor Edition

Updated: Feb 5


Last year we made a promise that we would not have another Christmas Tree without trim on the windows. So, like the good promise keepers we are, we started to renovate the Parlor in the beginning of 2020. Then the One Room Challenge (and Covid) happened. Needless to say, the first floor projects were derailed but we are SO READY to get them back on track.


When you enter our home there are two large rooms and their current state has been wearing on us. BUT NOW IS THE TIME! Earlier this week announced on Instagram that these rooms would be our next project and that our deadline would be Christmas. We have a lot to get done by the end of this year when the holidays kick in so we're dubbing this:


pew pew peeeewww *airhorns*

Anyway, let’s dive into all the details we’re working with so far.

Update: I intended to make this one blog post about both rooms but it got...long. We’re going to do this in two parts! Starting with the Parlor!