Our Kitchen: What we love, what we hate, and why we are renovating AGAIN!

As you may know, we recently completed renovating our Parlor and Dining room. These two projects were part of our larger effort to “finish” our first floor. We didn’t tell you that we were already well into planning for our next big project, the kitchen! After announcing on Instagram, we put up a poll:

What questions do you have about the Kitchen project?

As you can imagine there were a lot of questions but a common theme arose: "Why?! Didn't you already do your kitchen?"

And you’re right! In fact, the kitchen was the very first space we tackled in the house. This photo is what it looks like today and as you can see, we never really finished the project. Let's dive deeper into the "Why".

A Little Background

If you’re not already familiar, we bought this house completely gutted - down to the studs, no bathrooms, no kitchen, no anything. We had three months to install all of the major systems: electrical, plumbing, insulation, plaster, as the bare minimum for moving in. It was a mad dash.

Along-side those systems, we were planning the spaces would need to...well, live. A simple little half bath and the kitchen. We moved in, 4 months after buying the house, with only a toilet and small sink. We showered everyday at the gym and cooked all of our meals on a grill we found on the side of the road. Our first task was to complete the kitchen and the guest bathroom.

Above Left (as purchased): Framed to create a bedroom and bath. Above Right (our modifications): Creating functional spaces for a kitchen and restoring the living room.

I give all this back story to contextualize two points: