The Parlor project has become a favorite (do we say that every time we finish a new room? Maybe.)

Green Parlor Living Room


Over the last three years we have explored the parlor project many, many times. Each instance ending in a false start with the sense of being overwhelmed. Every decision felt too big, and too expensive, to make without thoughtful consideration. Said plainly, we didn't know what to do and we diverted our attention elsewhere.


The primary obstacle was the round corner so common in Victorian homes, that does not lend itself to modern furnishing. The Victorian parlor would have been decorated with several chairs, small tables, and settees; not the sofa or sectionals we gravitate towards today. 

We spent many hours designing the built-in to feel as if it had always been there. From integrating original trim, to creating the “portal”, we wanted the built-in to truly feel like part of the architecture. Lacking the skill set required to complete such a project, we commissioned our very talented friend / neighbor / Master Cabinet Maker @KenDeCost to build them for us.

The addition of the built-in instantly changed everything about the space. The scale of the room became smaller and it began to feel anchored. From there the design process became significantly easier. 

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Green Parlor Living Room

The Parlor's sitting area has quickly become our place of choice to spend time. Free from distractions, this room feels like a home within itself. The most obvious characteristic of the room is its bold green color. We used Benjamin Moore's Colonial Verdigris throughout, only changing the sheen to match the application. The dark color lifts the ceiling and offers the warm parlor vibe we were seeking.

Green Parlor Living Room

As previously mentioned, this sitting area was the most difficult space to design and after months of searching for solutions we ordered a sofa. Not knowing if it would work, we felt pressure to try something. We landed on the Cigar Sofa by Article in rawhide brown leather for its affordable price, low height, and masculine qualities. When it arrived, we placed it in our empty room and looked at each other... we thought "we will get used to it". As the project progressed, the sofa found its place nestled in the corner and we fell in love with it. 

Green Parlor Living Room

One of our favorite places to look for furniture is Room & Board. The furniture is both modern and timeless making it an easy place to find staple pieces that are high quality and will look great. For this project we used the beautiful Otis Swivel Chair in Vance Mustard Velvet. The chair is neat, harkens back to the room's Victorian roots, and contrasts beautifully with the bold green walls.

Green Parlor Living Room
Green Parlor Living Room

The room really came together once we installed our window treatments. Given our amazing experience with Calico Corners during our Suite project we knew that we had to work with them again. The entire experience is unparalleled and eased all our fears of ordering custom window treatments. 

Green Parlor Living Room

The kitty-cornered couch left us with the opportunity for a custom console table. We wanted to fill the space behind the couch and create a surface for decor. With mahogany boards left behind by the previous owner and hairpin legs we created a table that sits just below the top of the couch and serves as the perfect location for our Hudson Valley Henley table lamp. We call her Rhianna.

Green Parlor Living Room
Green Parlor Living Room
Green Parlor Living Room

The key to any room is the lighting. Mixing timeless pieces with something bold is always our preference. We partnered with Hudson Valley Lighting on this project who supplied many of the beautiful fixtures throughout the Parlor. For the built-in we used two Ridgewood 4-Light Picture-Light in aged brass finish which elevates the entire design and frames the two bookcases. These cast a soft light and make the room glow.

Lastly, what Parlor wouldn't be complete without a turn table and record collection. This turn table is from U-Turn Audio and we have had our eye on it for years. It's constructed on a walnut base using high end components. Best of all? It is built by a small business right here in Massachusetts.

Green Parlor Living Room

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Green Parlor Living Room


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